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"I took advantage of Andy's consignment service, and was extremely impressed with his service and results. After knowing Andy for years, I was confident that he would broker the sale with the highest integrity. I was not disappointed. He quickly found a buyer that loved my 1904 Martin guitar and was happy to pay a price that far exceeded what I thought possible. Andy was painstakingly clear on all details with all parties so there were satisfied parties and no misunderstandings. I have also bought a guitar from Andy in the past, and will likely buy more instruments from him in the future!"
- Jamin, Minnesota

"GuitarMatch is a guitarist's dream. Having a reserved slot and being able to custom make your guitar to cater your taste is truly sensational. You won't find better customer service than Andrew and the luthier you choose to deal with, in my case Trevor Kronbauer. In the end you get a truly amazing crafted guitar. Will definitely do this over again! Thanks again!!"
- Partho, Vancouver

"After becoming obsessed with the incredible tone Bryan Sutton was able to get from his guitars, I decided that if I got my hands on a Bourgeois similar to the one he played that I would instantly become at least half the player that Bryan was. As soon as I began my hunt, I ran across a fellow named Andrew Wright who was offering a beautiful pale sunburst Bourgeois that featured the added bonus of an Adirondack top. I was surprised at the good deal he was offering and immediately checked my G.A.S. fund to make sure I could swing this high-end instrument. I began asking questions about the guitar and Andrew answered all of my concerns and then some, sending detailed views from all angles, through some very well-lit, professional looking photographs. The guitar arrived safe and sound three days later and I couldn't be happier with my "new-to-me" Bourgeois. I also have a Rockbridge guitar (Adirondack/Mahogany) which I understand Andrew, will be offering through his site, so now he is helping me chase down one of their brazilian/adirondack beauties. One day I may realize that if I just practiced more instead of searching high and low for my next guitar, I might actually figure out how to make one of these things talk!"
-Ben, North Carolina