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1992 Collings Clarence White CW-28


Soundboard: Adirondack Spruce
Back/Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Neck: Honduran Mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony


Body Style: Dreadnough
Bracing: Prewar Scalloped
Neck Profile: Soft V
Headstock: Traditional
Cutaway: None
Scale Length: 25 1/2"
Frets to Body: 14
Nut Width: 1.73"
Width at Bridge: 2 1/4"
Body Depth: 4 7/8"


Inlay: None
Headplate: Ebony
Tuners: Kluson Style Closed
Binding: Ivoroid
Backstrip: ZigZag
Rosette: Line
Purfling: Line
Pickguard: Tortoise
Nut: FWI
Saddle: Bone
Bridge Pins: FWI
Electronics: None
Truss Rod: Adjustable
Case: Original Tweed (worn)



I think this is one of the rare occasions in life where the hype is actually justified. I'm not typically a Collings guy, but I love this guitar. The bass is a touch more focused than a Martin but deeper to my ears than a typical Collings, and the tone has a beautiful cool clarity that's perfect for playing in the Riceolian mode. Very responsive to even a light touch, which is hard to find in a dread. The Brazilian has tight grain through the center of the back with some flatsawn figure to the outside and the coloration is beautiful. Excellent grade Adirondack spruce top with a touch of bear claw south of the bridge. A very special instrument, to be sure. Collings guitars will always be in demand, but no other Collings model has shown investment potential that would rival certain Martin offerings. The Clarence White model is definitely an exception case, and recent history suggests that they'll continue to be the most collectible Collings guitars ever made.

While the guitar has been played, it's in very good overall condition. There is playwear on the top including minor scratches, a smudged area in the lacquer where a bare arm rested, and several small impressions. The back and sides show faint swirling scratches and an area of belt buckle wear that does not extend through the finish. No fretboard or fret wear of any consequence. I have had considerable interest already and I do not believe another Clarence White model is currently listed for sale anywhere else in the world, so circumstances suggest that the guitar will not remain available for long.

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